Scientifically Oriented Fundamentals of Wind Energy Systems


The certificate 'Scientifically Oriented Fundamentals of Wind Energy Systems' provides a strong fundamental knowledge, crucial to understanding economically and ecologically efficient wind energy transformation, and to designing new wind turbines or components of wind turbines with the state-of-the-art of wind engineering. Besides improving fundamental engineering knowledge, this certificate also serves as a basis for more technical or methodological certificates, or for studying the complete 'Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems' program.

Certificate Modules

Selection of five modules from six available modules:

Design of Mechanical and Electrical Components




Application of Software Tools


Solid Mechanics


Fluid Mechanics


Electrical Engineering



The participants of the certificate program will learn the basic electrical and mechanical components of wind energy systems, their design requirements and realized constructions and designs. They will learn to apply mathematics at an advanced level, which enables engineers to understand the ordinary and partial diff erential equations describing the behavior of the electrical system, the structural components and the fluid flow of wind turbines. They will also be able to solve fundamental relations of electrics, electronics and mechanics of wind turbines.

The module components concerning mechanics will lead to an understanding of action forces, internal reactions and mathematical models describing the behavior of wind turbine structures and the air and water flow around wind power plants. In combination with basic competencies in programming languages and applying software products, the students will be well prepared to understand numerical methods and mechanical models used in engineering applications and in commercial simulation tools, and to overcome limitations of software packages for computational fluid and structural mechanics and electrical engineering. The certificate will qualify engineers of various disciplines, natural scientists and mathematicians to adapt their competencies to wind engineering.

Certificate Fee

€6,000 (30 credits)

How this fits into the master's program


All 30 credits of the certificate 'Scientifically Oriented Fundamentals of Wind Energy Systems' will be accepted for the complete master's study program Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems.