University of Kassel and Fraunhofer IEE

The University of Kassel and the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE) are developing a part-time master's program for Wind Energy Systems.




Knowledge transfer from research to education

As a result of the technical cooperation between the University of Kassel and the Fraunhofer IEE, the latest research findings are integrated into the teaching of the Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems.

The University of Kassel, which contributes to the Master's program with professors from the departments of civil and environmental, mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as natural sciences and mathematics, has a long research history in the structural technology of wind energy systems. Research topics include mathematics, structural mechanics, aerodynamics, geotechnics, experimental and computational solid and fluid mechanics, and technological concepts for foundations, rotor blades and wind turbine towers.

The research activities of Fraunhofer IEE cover wind power and the integration of renewable energy into energy supply structures. The main areas of research are to do with the technology and operational management of wind turbines and wind farms: component development for rotors, drive trains and foundations, evaluation methods for wind turbines and components, environmental impact analysis for wind power generation, control and system integration, converters and storage systems.

Management and Public Relations

Unikims and Fraunhofer Academy support the Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems in questions regarding management and public relations.