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Master's program:
Application deadline for international students: 15 July 2019
Application deadline with German certificates: 15 May - 1 Sept 2019

Application deadline summer semester: 1 April 2019
Application deadline winter semester: 1 October 2019

Partial Scholarships:
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The Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems (wes.online) is constructed as an part-time distance learning degree course taught in the English language. The prescribed period of study constitutes 5 to 7 semesters, depending on an individual learning schedule. Natural scientists and engineers are the main target group of this English master´s program which aims at educating specialists for corresponding research and industry.

Our lecturers are experts in wind power settled at the University of Kassel, Germany´s leading university in the field of sustainability, as well as from the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE). The IEE is a division of Europe´s leading research institute Fraunhofer. Further, we are a member of the educational alliance mint.online – a collaboration of universities and research institutes who aim at educating experts of tomorrow in the subjects of mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology – in which we set a focus on sustainability.

For international students, application for the Online M.SC. Wind Energy Systems master´s program is possible until the 15th July, 2019. The program will start in October.

We offer the possibility to acquire separate certificates to specialize in certain areas of wind energy systems. The certificate´s program starts both in summer and in winter term. Next start is in April 2019. Application is possible until 1st April, 2019.

Daily life of an wes.online student

  • How can students living in different time zones study together?
  • Can I attend onlin-live-lectures or am I only confronted with previously recorded videos?
  • Are there any learning scripts?
  • Which learning platforms are being used?

Insights into the daily life of a wes.online-student and answers to above mentioned as well as other questions can be found on our website. Needless to say that we will support you before, during, and even after your studies.

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