Is there an application deadline?

The application deadlines for the master's program are:
Application deadline for international students: 15 July
Application deadline with German certificates: 1 September

The application deadlines for the certificates are:

Application deadline summer semester: 27 March
Application deadline winter semester: 1 October

Graduates of which degrees can apply for the program?

Bachelor's degree, diploma or equivalent degree with at least 180 credits in a technical or scientific course in the subject area:

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Physics
  • or equivalent

in another course, at least 60 credits in mathematics, natural sciences and engineering, of which at least 18 credits are in the field of mathematics (analysis, algebra).

Which documents do I need to submit as certified copies?

Tip: Please prepare your documents carefully before your application! Thus you will avoid problems during the application process.

You have to send the following documents online and via post to uni-assist within the application deadline:

You need to submit two versions of the certificates mentioned:
one set of authenticated copies (see question "What is a certified copy?") of the original documents and one set of authenticated copies of translated versions (English or German language).

  • School leaving certificate with which you fulfill the entrance requirement for higher education.
  • Certificates and transcripts of records of your previous higher education (e.g. bachelor's degree).
  • Proof of at least one year of professional work experience after finishing your first degree of higher education. In special cases, the examination board can decide that work experience (in any field of activity) gained before you have finished your first degree of higher education is acceptable.
  • Proof of English language knowledge equivalent to level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Letter of motivation (max. 2 pages) in which your personal motivation and suitability for the master's program is provided convincingly, including a record of previous academic performance, field training and scientific work.

Applicants from China, Mongolia or Vietnam have to submit the "APS" as well.

Does the application process differ depending on the program I want to apply for?

Yes, the application processes and requirements differ depending on the program you want to apply for.


Please send your applications for single modules and certificates at: wes@uni-kassel.de

For more information please read the admission requirements.

How can I apply for a single module?

Please send the following documents at wes@uni-kassel.de

  • certificates and transcript(s) of records of your previous higher education (e.g. bachelor´s degree)
  • Curriculum Vitae

What possibilities do I have to prove my English language skills?

You can prove your English language knowledge by one of the documents mentioned at the university's info-website. If you are a native speaker, please submit a letter explaining that (native country, education etc.).

Can I send my application documents via E-Mail?

Anyone who obtained a first degree (bachelor's degree or equivalent) at a university outside Germany and is neither enrolled at the University of Kassel nor at any other German university has to provide an application via uni-assist. To complete your online application you have to submit your documents via post to uni-assist within the application deadline.

Anyone who has obtained a first degree (bachelor's degree or equivalent) at a German university has to provide an application via UNIKIMS. To complete your application you have to submit your documents via post within the application deadline.

Where do I need to send the hardcopy version of my application?

Please send your...

International documents to

uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

German documents to

Frau Dr. Silke Vergara
Universitätsplatz 12
34127 Kassel

Can I send the certified copies after being admitted?

No, you have to send the certified copies during the application process to get admitted!

What is a certified copy?

UNIKIMS and uni-assist only accept authenticated copies of the original documents. Please do not submit original documents! It is not possible to send your documents back.

Official authentications must always bear the original seal and signature of the authenticator. The official seal can be round or oval and contains an emblem. Authentications that have a stamp containing only words will not be accepted.

If the copy consists of several individual pages, it must be shown that each page belongs to the same document. It is sufficient if just one page bears the original seal and signature, as long as all pages overlap one another and are stapled and authenticated in such a way that each page bears a part of the original seal.

As regards notary authentications (with string and a seal mark), the original seal only needs to appear on one of the pages of the copy.

The following institutions are authorized to authenticate your documents:

  • the schools or universities that issued your documents or the relevant Department of Education in your home country
  • the Diplomatic Missions to the Federal Republic of Germany
  • the Culture Department at the Embassy of the country in which the certificate was issued
  • the public authorities and notaries authorized to carry out official authentications in the respective country

In Germany, any public authority that holds an official seal can carry our official authentications.

These are, for example, Gemeindeverwaltungen, Landkreise and lower administrative authorities (such as an Ortsbürgermeister or Ortsvorsteher, Stadtverwaltung, Bürgeramt, Rathaus, Kreisverwaltung). Courts and notaries are also included.

At what time will I be informed, wether I have been selected?

You will be informed by uni-assist if your application documents are complete. In case of incomplete documents you have to deliver the missing documents to uni-assist. If you need help during the application process with uni-assist, the course management (wes@uni-kassel.de) will help you. A few weeks after you have submitted all documents, you will receive information about whether you have been selected or not.

Will work experience that I have had before or during my university studies be recognized for the required work experience?

In total one year of work experience in a technical field should be provable. Work experience such as an internship is also acceptable. In special cases, the examination board can decide that work experience of less than one year is also acceptable.


How much does the program cost?

The study fees for the whole master’s program are €14,000 (€2,000 per semester) + each semester €140.70 (enrollment fees of the University of Kassel).

The UNIKIMS Management School offers partial scholarships for new students who apply for the master program "Wind Energy Systems", starting in October 2019.



Do I have to pay the study fees at the start of my studies in full?

No. You have the possibility to pay the tuition fees in instalments of €2,000 per semester.

Do I have to pay an application fee?

Yes. Uni-assist charges an application fee of 75€.

Please be aware that your bank might charge transfer fees as well.

Are there any means of financial support or scholarships?

For the first time there will be a partial scholarship offered for eligible new masterstudents who begin their studies in october 2019.

There is no other financial support or scholarship provided by our study program.

Recognition of Study Inputs

I completed some of the required courses during my bachelor studies. Will they be recognized here?

Only master level courses can be accepted.

Study Organization

How long does it take to get the master's degree?

The prescripted period of study of the part-time Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems is 7 semesters (3.5 years). But you can plan your studies individually as it fits you best.

Can I study from a non-European country?

Yes. The Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems is designed as a 100% online learning program. The courses are taught in English and online. The examinations are also online.

Which language will be used in the program?

English is the program's language. You do not have to speak German.

How can I create my course schedule?

Before the start of each semester the course management will advise the students regarding the semester schedule which considers their status as a working student.

Is it possible to work on a full-time job while studying?

The modules start in different calendar weeks. For this reason, the workload is distributed evenly across the semester. This enables a better combination of study and work and the delayed timing guarantees that your module examinations occur at different times.

When do semesters start and end?

Our winter-semester runs from 1 October until  31 March.

Our summer-semester runs from 1 April until 31 September.

Is it possible to participate only in single modules/courses?

Yes, it is possible. Students who are only interested in studying one module for their qualification in Wind Energy Systems are invited to participate in our single modules.

Since the topics of the modules offered in the Online M.Sc. Wind Energy systems are strongly interdependent, not all of our modules can be chosen as a 'single module'. However, depending on your previously acquired competencies, we can offer more than the single modules.

Online Learning

What is MOODLE?

The learning units are provided through the learning platform Moodle. Moodle is a learning management system that gives the lecturer the opportunity to design an individual learning structure. This individual learning structure can be used by the students during their self-directed learning phase.  All our teaching materials and learning activities are prepared in Moodle. Examples of teaching materials are: pdf learning scripts, links, data files and videos. Furthermore there are forums, tests, tasks, homework and assignments offered. In the self-directed learning phase, lecturers and students communicate via the Moodle forum. Students can ask their lecturers questions via this forum. Questions regarding the course content will be answered by the lecturer or their assistants within 48 hours. On weekdays, organizational questions will be answered by the course management within 24 hours.

What is a virtual class room?

We teach all online modules with the web conference tool Adobe Connect. It is a virtual classroom where the lecturer holds their lectures. This procedure is very interactive and similar to an on-campus classroom. All students can talk to their lecturer and classmates via microphone and via chat. Online teaching offers the advantage that all sessions can be recorded. This provides the option for our students to watch the online sessions to a convenient point of time at home.

Do I need other technical devices than a PC with internet access?

Participation in online conferencing is possible from any computer with broadband internet access. Prerequisite for participation in the online sessions is a Windows PC (min. Windows 2000) or Mac (min. OS X 10.3) with a sound card and a headset.

Do you provide support in case of technical related questions?

For technical support please feel free to contact us or the technical support service.

Exams and Certificates

Which degree do I receive after finishing my studies?

The Online Wind Energy Systems Master is a study program with 120 ECTS. It is taught in English and online. The qualification achieved is a Master of Science (M.Sc.). You will get the opportunity to complete your PhD at the University of Kassel.

How do I register and how many times can I repeat an exam?

The registration is usually possible via Moodle.

You can repeat an exam three times. You are able to cancel the exam until 1 day before the exam should take place.

Will the CP of the master's program be valid abroad?

The Online M.Sc. Wind Energy Systems is an internationally oriented, English-language master’s program. Therefore the credit points will be valid abroad.

I want to write my master's thesis in cooperation with a company but some content has to be kept in confidence. What can I do?

In such a case there will be non-disclosure agreements.

Who is allowed to be my supervisor for my master thesis?

The modules of WES are taught by professors from the University of Kassel, employees from Fraunhofer IEE, and employees from different companies. They are allowed to be your supervisor for your master thesis.

Does the University of Kassel offer a PhD program?

Yes, after your graduation you can get the opportunity to do your PhD at the University of Kassel.


Who do I contact, if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact the course management (wes@uni-kassel.de).